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Grace'd By Brunette

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Moments after walking into my first crystal shop, I felt a magic, curiosity and inspiration that has carried through to the creation of Graced by Brunette. This business is here as an oppurtunity for you to bring a piece of magic home! Each stone on our site has been hand selected, sourced from all over the world and wrapped with all my love. Each crystal holds a different intention and energy, just waiting for its forever home. I am overjoyed to welcome you to our site and into our crystal family!

Grace Brunette 


What We Make


Known fondly in our tribe as the goddess stone, this crystal holds the energy of the moon and the divine feminie.


Labradorite awakens you to this deep inner consciousness, a world where your creativity has infinite possibilities.


The ancient beauty of turqoise has been valued across nearly every culture in the world for it’s intense vibrational energy.

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What we do

Handmade Jewelry Made With Love

Our process starts with relationships, nature’s magic and passion.  We create and foster relationships with family run businesses, all over the world, who have the same adoration for gemstones as we do. Once our goodies arrive, we hand select each piece wrapped for optimal fierceness. A piece never makes its way to you without being cleansed and loved on. We offer our crystals at different art shows, festivals, online; as well as to crystal and metaphysical shops all over the country. If you have a store looking to collaborate, simply contact us below!